The project have been extended of 6 months because the impact of COVID-19 in the early stage of the project when we had the lock down.

WP1  is completely accomplished.

All R&D basic investigation reported in T1.1, T.2 T1.3 and T1.4 are terminated and the results are in line with the request of the project.
Production line, formulation, preliminary laboratory testing and crystallization process was defined and ready to be used to push for the WP2.
This task was in line with timing except the last Task 1.4 which was terminated in month 18th.

WP2 is completely accomplished.

All activities have been performed in time and successfully. Both sheet and trays were produced using the barrier formulation developed in previous WP1. Sheet production and trays production was quite easy. The production of the new trays does not require any special features in the existing production lines which makes the product more attractive in the industry.

WP3 is in line with pro time table.

T3.1, T3.2 and T.3,3 are mostly terminated and in reality the only point still open relates to the recyclability certification which is in progress at European level through PETCORE organization. This activity will end around mid of April 2022.

WP4 is in line with time table.

T4.1 is an ongoing activity that involved contacts with clients that shows an interest in our technology. We are planning some industrial planning over all Europe with around 6 trials schedule in different EU countries. Those test will demonstrate in every client’s production line the benefit of our additive vs traditional PET/EVOH sheet. Every client will prepare the sheet , the trays and present the trays to the company hat will fill up with food. 

T4.2 is also an ongoing activity where we had massive advertising on several specialized newspaper, on social media. We participate to some international conference as speaker by presenting the FRAPET benefit and results.

T4.3 is also an ongoing activity which generates a patent that was filed at PCT level . This patent will follow the international rules  as action and timing.

WP5 is in line with time table.

The various Task are all in line with the schedule and very effective. The project is running smoothly without major issue. Economical and technical fundamental of the project are matched, reports and administrative activities are in line and under control. We are now in the last 4 months project and all project numbers, data, cost will be summarized according the official EC guidelines.


In order to give numerical overview to the readers we present some data in PDF form that you can downlod after signature. This presentation reports the main features of the FRAPET product.